Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office

Corrections Division 

We are currently working on deploying our facilities' live roster/booking information online. Stay tuned.

The Morehouse Parish Jail is located at 250 East Walnut Street

 Phone #318-281-9336

The Morehouse Parish Annex is located at 4729 Eugene Ware Road 

Phone #318-281-1625.

The Morehouse Parish Detention Center is located at 6444 Patey Road in Collinston 

Phone #318-874-7855

Deposits to Inmate Accounts

Direct Funding

Funds (e.g., checks, money orders) may be sent to an inmate through the mail. Cash is not recommended to be sent through the mail.


Securus Technologies (powered by JPay) also provides you with several options for depositing funds into an inmate's account:

800-574-5729: Call JPay's direct toll-free line to speak to a live agent 24/7.

JPay Mobile App: Download the free App and send money anytime from anywhere.

JAIL ATM- Located in the main lobby of the Jail

Funds may be deposited directly to the inmate’s account through the automated jail accounts system (the JAIL ATM) that is located inside the jail entrance. This system accepts cash, as well as deposits made by the use of a credit card. There are fees charged for using the Stellar Teller:

The fee for CASH deposits is $2.00.

The fee for deposits using a CREDIT CARD is 10% of the amount deposited.

Only Mastercard or VISA are accepted.

Jail ATM

Funds may also be deposited over the internet in a couple of ways.


LA VINE Rosters

LA VINE, which succeeds LAVNS, has a feature called "ROSTERS". By re-deploying LA VINE offender data, "Rosters" provides each jail with a "live" roster updated every 30 minutes. Each website appears as though it was created just for that Sheriff's office, listing the offenders in custody, along with DOB, Gender and Race. By clicking on the logo, victims can quickly register against an offender -- all from your Roster!

Goals of the Rosters:

The roster data comes from the jail's Jail Management System (JMS), which is already being used from the LA VINE data feed. This re-using of data saves time and money.

The roster allows a jail to quickly audit its data. By viewing the Roster data for a particular jail, the agency can quickly determine if the data is accurate. This auditing, in turn, serves LA VINE and your agency by providing victims with accurate and timely information.

Victims can register against any offender on the Roster; thus, providing a quick, easy way for victims to register -- all while on the Agency's website.