There is help for the victim of crime. In
Morehouse Parish, victims of violent crimes and
elderly victims of crime may be compensated for
their losses.

Crime Victims Reparations Program
The Louisiana Crime Victims Reparations
Program will award payments for medical
expenses, funeral expenses, lost earnings,
counseling and child care when they are related
to a violent crime. The crime must be reported
within 72 hours and application for compensation
must be filed with the Board within one year.
Victims or their dependants may apply.

In Morehouse Parish Contact Sgt. Lucille
Kennedy at (318) 281-4141
Also visit for more information.
Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS)

Crime Victims can be notified regarding an offender's release date or
custody information by registering with Louisiana Notification System
Call 1-866-528-6748 to register or visit to
Elderly Crime Victims Assistance Program

Victims age 60 and older may also seek help through the Elderly
Crime Victim Assistance Program. The state program includes
emergency financial assistance for immediate needs, counseling,
criminal justice support, emergency legal advocacy, financial
exploitation support services, and referrals.
To apply for services contact Morehouse Parish Sheriff Office, Sgt.
Lucille Kennedy at (318) 281-4141.