The Uniformed Patrol Division consists of nineteen deputies
and a division commander, they provide 24 hour a day, 7
days a week protection for Morehouse Parish citizen's.  All
deputies are post certified and trained in all aspects of the
criminal law.  They are the first responders on calls placed in
Morehouse Parish, from vehicle crashes to homicides and all
other types of calls. They patrol Morehouse Parish's 807
square miles. All patrol cars are equipped with computers that
are up to date with today's technology. They are supported by
the communications division. The communications division
consists of seven dispatchers. Among their many duties are
answering the E911 phones, administrative phones and radio
traffic. Another part of the uniform patrol division is the court
bailiffs which consist of seven deputies. Their duties consist
of courtroom security, serving summons and other court
related papers. The Uniformed Patrol Division proudly
serves with pride" the citizens of Morehouse Parish
Uniform Division