Narcotics Division
   The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Narcotics Division is a
part  of a multi jurisdictional task force known as North
Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau (NLDEB). The
NLDEB is composed of six agents from the Morehouse
Parish Sheriff's Office, Bastrop Police Department and
Louisiana National Guard Counterdrug Task Force.

This Task Force enforces all local, state and federal laws
dealing with narcotic violations. The agents have been
trained and equipped with special equipment used in  
collecting evidence and dismantling meth labs.

On an average the Task Force works approximately 300
cases per year with approximately 450-500 arrest per year.

To report narcotics activity in your area, you can contact
the task force by calling:
NLDEB Office                     (318) 283-6090
MPSO                                (318) 281-4141
Bastrop Police Dept.           (318) 281-1322
Crimestoppers                    (318) 281-0050