The Juvenile Bureau is a section of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).  
An investigator assigned to the Juvenile Bureau investigates delinquent  and
status offenses.  A delinquent offense is an act committed by an individual under
the age of 17 that, if committed by an adult, would be considered a criminal
offense.  A status offense is any offense that would not be considered a crime if
committed by an adult.  Exp: runaways,  families in need of services and children in
need of care.

  Juvenile crime and victimization presents unique and sometimes difficult
challenges to law enforcement.  Juvenile Investigations are responsible for meeting
those challenges in three ways, prevention, intervention and criminal enforcement.

  Investigations are done on crimes against children, such as carnal knowledge of a
juvenile, child abuse, child exploitation, sex crimes, including all types of sex related
crimes (rape, molestation, incest, sexual battery and pornography involving

  Investigators also investigate matters which concern the care, supervision and
neglect of juveniles.  Our office works closely with the Office of Community
Services (OCS), Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) and Families in Need of Services
(FINS) in order to maximize service to the community.

  In addition to investigative work, we also verify the addresses in the sex offender
database. By keeping track of sex offender whereabouts, violators of the law's
notification aspect can be reintroduced to the court system.