Elderly Services
Elderly Services is a part of the investigations division of the
Sheriff's Office.  The officer assigned to this bureau investigates
elderly abuse of the "seniors" in our parish. Types of elder abuse
fall into four categories: physical abuse, psychological abuse,
financial abuse and neglect (caregiver and self).

By the year 2020 the number of elderly in Louisiana is expected to
be 1.2 million. Already there are over 600,000 people over age 65
living in our state, with a large portion residing in rural areas. The
Elderly Services Officer works closely with the Governor's Office of
Elderly Affairs investigators to identify these cases of abuse and
provide solutions.

The Elderly Services Officer is also the coordinator of the TRIAD of
Morehouse. This organization is comprised of senior citizens and
law enforcement working together to reduce criminal victimization
of older persons by assessing the needs and concerns on safety and
security issues in the community. Some of the programs of TRIAD
include the "FILE OF LIFE", beacon lights,  parking lot patrol, and
the "Are you Okay?" computer program.

TRIAD of Morehouse meets at the Sheriff's Office classroom the
first Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. TRIAD is working
Improve the Quality of Life of Senior Citizens.